Divorce is Sin… Says Who?

“Divorce is sin…  God hates divorce…”  Most of us have heard this mantra so many times, that we’ve come to simply accept it as truth, without further scrutiny.  I have read many books by Christian authors, considered experts, written specifically for people who have experienced divorce, which made this very statement, “Divorce is sin.”

Says who?  Who says that divorce is sin? 

The Bible never labels divorce as sin, nor does it contain any commandments prohibiting a just divorce….

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2 thoughts on “Divorce is Sin… Says Who?

  1. Our Foster daughter and her five children were not being cared for by her husband. Instead he was going on camping trips alone, and driving his pickup truck where the children had to ride in the back. When he did not come home for days, our daughter discovered he was being unfaithful to her and was staying with another woman. She was working an in home job and earning enough to pay the rent, but often came to my house to glean from my pantry for food. The day she discovered his new girl friend she called me in tears and asked what she should do. I told her to apply for divorce and to ask for child support. She did and that rascal quit his job and applied for disability. Time went on and she had more responsibilities with her job and eventually a younger guy who wanted to make sure she was OK, just kept hanging around. He professed his love and they were later married. WOW for her that was a happy ending, for he is a loving step dad and is accepted by all her children. Other dad – sad case. We wonder if he was ever really saved. We will probably see him this week end as we attend Nancy’s youngest daughter getting married.

    • Hazel,

      What a horrible situation for your foster daughter to have endured!

      It sounds to me like you gave very sound advice. The sin was in the breaking of covenant vows by her previous husband, not in the divorce.

      God is a covenant God, and He wants His children to live out our covenant vows. However, God never uses covenant to enslave or abuse, and it is not His will for His children to live under covenants of abusive bondage.

      Thank you for sharing! May God continue to richly bless you and your family!

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