Please God Help

search engine termsPlease God, help me through my divorce!

The words stand out on my website stat’s page, like a blinking neon sign.

Someone keyed their heart’s prayer into an internet search engine and wound up on my website.

I don’t know who this person is.  They didn’t leave a comment.  I don’t know their name or contact information.  I don’t know if they found any of the answers they were looking for in my website content.

But I do know they are hurting and grieving.  Although I cannot hear their voice, I can sense the desperation of their prayer in the words they’ve typed…words that I have cried out to God while going thru divorce, myself.

Although I know nothing of the circumstances of their divorce, I can sense their heart-break and despair…their longing for all to be “as it should be” rather than as it is.

So, I bow my head and take this request before my Father, asking Him to give this person encouragement, strength and wisdom both for the moment and for the road ahead.  I ask Him to lead them in the paths of righteousness, for His namesake, even as they walk thru this valley of the shadow of death.

On average, I see about one search term query per day appearing to be someone either going thru divorce themself or hoping to encourage a friend going thru divorce.  Each time, I am reminded of how that feels.  Each time, I stop to ask my Father to encourage and strengthen this person, to use this experience to draw them closer to Himself, and to bring about His plans for their life.

Yes, I could view these as random events of search strings, google query stat’s, and my blogging topics that produced predictable results.

But, when I see a query string like this, I know…I just know.  That wasn’t just a search…that was a heartfelt prayer.  And they didn’t land on my site as just a random coincidence…it was ordained of God.

Why?  Why did God, in answer to their prayer, direct them to my website?

Maybe so He could speak to them thru some of my blog content…or maybe so they could have another prayer intercessor who understands their pain.

I had no thought, when I started this blog, that God would use it to lead me into intercessory prayer for people I’ve never met.

But he has.

What cues does God use to prompt you to pray for others?

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16 thoughts on “Please God Help

    • Praying, now, for your family member, Connie!

      Yes, divorce is a very difficult experience.

      Even for someone who has been in an abusive marriage, and for whom divorce means liberty from a covenant of bondage, it is still painful letting go of so many hopes and dreams for both themself and their children.

      I am so thankful for God, or faithful Redeemer, who walks with us every step of the way, leading us into His plans for our lives.

  1. Oh Jesus, come quickly…that’s usually what I’m uttering when I look through the search stats on my blog. My most searched phrase? “God will never give me more than I can handle” and it hurts my heart so much because the posts I have shared on that subject say the opposite. that we need to lean into Him and let Him handle it instead. and I worry that they don’t know how to do that…when they need it most.

    Oh Jesus, come quickly…and until then. Thank You for using us to reach even one. One soul You thought was worth dying for. I’m humbled…thank You…

    • Amen! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

      …both in the lives of each of us, now, and to reclaim the Earth in the Father’s designated time…

      Thank you, Nikki, for that prayer!

  2. I love that God works like that…to be used by God in any way is amazing. What matters for bloggers is not how much traffic or recognition the site brings to them but that even one person might be sent by God to receive a blessing from the content or a prayer that lifted their burden to Heaven.

    • Yes, I agree 100%, Elizabeth!

      Being used of God is truly amazing!

      It’s not about how many people visit my blog, but about God’s glory being reflected thru my life.

      Thank you, so much, for the encouragement!

  3. This is a beautiful way to respond to those search queries. I’ve often seen them and wondered myself how to address them. I’ve come close to writing a post directly to them in hopes that they return. But prayer. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks for linking up with WIP!

    • You’re so welcome! Thank YOU Mary Beth!

      I’ve come to look at these as sort of anonymous prayer requests. I don’t know the person, but have just enough idea of the need to be able to pray, confident that God knows the whole story.

      I’ve even wondered if, perhaps, these prayers are the primary purpose of this blog. I’m really not sure…but won’t it be interesting to someday find out?

        • I know!

          Both how God used my prayers in someone else’s life and how He used someone else’s prayers in my life…

          There is a very real spiritual dimension that we cannot, yet, see. I am so looking foward to having that vision!

  4. That’s one of the awesome things about blogging and blog hopping. I find myself praying for all sorts of people in every kind of situation and problem, and it’s so cool to be used as an intercessory partner for them in prayer. I’ll join you in lifting up the people who come to your site looking for answers too, Joe. You’re doing a good thing. 🙂

    • Thank you, so much, Beth, for joining me in prayer for these people. There is so much pain and confusion…and they are so in need of Christ’s healing and love!

      I find myself praying for people almost every time I visit your blog, too!

      Your blog offers very down-to-earth discussions for people working thru the difficultites of marriage.

      Thank you, for that!

    • Thank you, David, for such encouraging words!

      Be sure to let me know what you think of the book.

      BTW, I still visit your blog, regularly…I just haven’t left comments, lately, because my computer still has a conflict with the latest version of Disqus…one of these days I’ve got to figure that one out… 🙁

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