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I read a lot, on a wide variety of topics.  Everything from light fiction to in-depth Bible studies plus a lot more.  So, don’t expect my bookshelf to reflect the theme of this website.  Think of it more like a glimpse into my personal life, rather like glancing over the bookshelves in my home, or scanning the home screen on my Kindle.

Also, not every book I read gets posted here.  Not every book I read is worth mentioning, and even those that are may not get posted, simply because I forgot to post it, or didn’t make time.  Maintenance of this bookshelf is not my highest priority.

Of the books I do post, many include a link to a brief review, letting you know what I thought of the book.  Most books I bother to review are books I liked, but not all.  So, read the review before you assume I liked the book.  I’ve also noticed that I tend to be more likely to write a review for a book that has fewer reviews.  Even if I really enjoyed a book, I’m not likely to write a review if several dozen people already have.

I hope you enjoy browsing my bookshelf!

Author Interviews:

Documenting America Front Cover

Author Interview – Documenting America: Lessons from The United States’ Historical Documents by David Todd

Some books for which I have written reviews:

spiritual misfit by michelle derusha



























































5 thoughts on “Joe’s Bookshelf

  1. Hello Joseph: Thank you for your comments on face book, and for your prayers for me. I do not have patience being a patient. I want my mouth to get well so I can eat. I do not miss not being able to talk understandable. I am usually a quite person. I read your book about divorce, it helped me to understand my past and to put a lot of it behind me. May God richly Bless you and yours.
    “God give me patience but hurry up”

    • Good to hear from you, Walt! Thanks for reading and commenting!

      “God give me patience but hurry up”

      I know, right?

      I can honestly say, I have made a lot of progress over the last few weeks. However, I do have a long ways yet to go.

      For some reason, I had it in mind that returning to normal eating would be one of the first areas of restoration…and it has not worked out that way.

      I continue to gain strength, though, and am able to do more and more.

      Have a blessed day, Walt! And I’m still looking forward to that fish dinner with you, when we’re both a little further along on healing.

  2. Hi Joseph
    I am from UK.
    Was wondering why there are no recent posts (since March 29th), and also is your site currently working (Oct2016)?
    As wanted to comment


    • Hi, Tess! Welcome to the blog.

      I have not posted as frequently, lately. However, I did post earlier this month. So, it hasn’t been quite as long as March. 😉

      Yes, the site is active and I monitor it regularly. Comments are always welcome, whether on a current post or on an older post.



    • I just realized you may not have accessed my blog posts. Just click on the Title Block in the top left, where it says “Redeemed!” That will take you to the home page where you can browse my blog posts.

      To access a given post, click on the post title, and you will be able to read comments or comment yourself.



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