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tomato plant sprouting up among cantaloupeA start-up tomato plant has sprouted up amongst the cantaloupe, an unintended planting from last year’s harvest.  When a vegetable grows unbidden in the wrong part of the garden, does that make it a weed?  I’m not sure.  I think I’ll let the tomato grow in its place among the melons.  It will be fun seeing what it produces.

soil pulled up around corn plantsI pull dirt up around the corn plants.  Like most members of the grass family, corn grows extra root sets when more soil is pulled around it.  The deeper soil and extra roots help the plant stay healthy during summer drought, and give it strength during summer wind storms.

The same hoe that uprooted weeds and thinned corn plants, last week, is pulling precious soil around roots, this week.  Should the corn be frightened?  Should it fear the hoe?  Does the corn understand that, although last week’s carnage was painful, it was also necessary for life and health?  Do the corn plants realize that this week the hoe brings only life and plenty with no pain or death?

I know.  It’s silly to think of corn plants experiencing emotion or thought.  Still, I ponder these things as I work…

pulled up weeds drying in sunWeeds pulled fresh this morning lay sprawled in rows with the dried out weeds hoed last week.

The garden is thirsty.  It needs water.

I have the means of providing life-sustaining water.  Yet, I wait.

No water this morning, or the fresh-pulled weeds will revive, sink new roots into fresh turned soil, thrive, and choke out the vegetables.  Water will come in the evening, after the pulled weeds have had a full day of drying in the hot sun to ensure their demise.

How many times has my thirsty soul cried out for living water, while the master gardener waited for weeds to die?  How many times have I asked God to relieve pain or sorrow, not realizing the sinful attitudes He was uprooting and killing in the process?

Your thoughts?

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13 thoughts on “Garden Musings

  1. Ooooo Joe, what a great revelation!! I love the reassuring idea that God (of course) knows what He is doing when it comes to watering our spirits. Even when we think we can’t hold out any longer, you are so right– perhaps He just wants us to wait a bit as the “weeds” that He as uprooted die off.

    Fantastic analogy. This is going to stick with me awhile!

  2. If we don’t plant it, is it a weed? I ask myself that, too. I have some true weeds that are beautiful; sometimes I leave them (but not in my garden).

    Great gardening thoughts here, Joe. We can find so much spirituality at the end of a hoe. God works with us everywhere. More trust–that’s what I need.

    • Isn’t it funny how much difference location makes?

      I absolutely love wild blackberries. Yet I erradicate them from my yard and garden just as zealously as any other weed. I want them to grow wild, just not in my yard.

  3. You’ve given us great insight into the Master Gardener’s ways and plans in our lives. It gives me hope, since I feel very “thirsty” in a certain area of my life. I know God has his purposes and reasons, but this helps to solidify those faith thoughts, Joe! Thank so much for this great analogy!

    • Praying for you, Beth, that God will bring about His will and purpose in your life, during this time of drought…followed by showers of blessings!

  4. Visiting from Seedlings today. Wanted to say how much I enjoyed your various analogies in this post. You are a gifted writer, and I have taken away a great deal of what the Master Gardener does when my roots begin to wither and I fade like a weed pulled from the garden row. He waters — but only when the time is right. Thanks for your writing!

  5. Thank you for sharing today! A great picture you’ve painted as well, the weeds in “our garden” that God lets dry out before we are “watered” again! I love your garden pictures btw! I hope one day to have mine lookin that good! 🙂

    • You know, I can look back, today, on seasons of emotional drought, and can honestly say I am thankful for each of them. God brought about changes in my heart that would likely not have occurred otherwise.

      Thanks for sharing, Misty!

      • So very true! Drought is needed to purge us of things that should not be! Even the “weeds” die then! Ptl for those seasons as well! 🙂

  6. Well. I didn’t know corn was in the grass family. Isn’t that interesting? I’m still digesting those facts about the roots growing where soil is. That is good stuff. I think I need to hoe up some rich soil around some of the roots I want to grow…

    • See there? I’m just a wealth of useless information! 😉

      Pull soil around productive grasses (corn) so it can grow more roots.

      Extract unproductive grasses (weeds) from soil, so their roots will wither and die.

      Simple, huh? Not really… but we can trust the Master Gardener!

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