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I have a lot to learn about God, about the Bible, about people, about myself, and about life in general.

I do not claim to have all the answers.  I am a fellow traveler along this path we call Christian Living.  To the extent that I may have previously traveled through trials similar to yours, or can relate to issues you may be dealing with, I hope to use this blog to help provide insight and encouragement.

I was raised by Christian parents who led me to know God and taught me to study scripture at an early age.  We were literally raised in church, attending church services and Bible studies multiple times each week.  Although I have no formal seminary degree, I do have a strong background in biblical principles and inductive interpretation of scripture.

I know a little about the trials and tribulations of life in this fallen world.  I have experienced the untimely death of some who were very close to me.  I have experienced the devastation of a failed marriage.  I have experienced divorce, with accompanying custody battles.  I have experienced both single parenting and step-parenting in a blended family.  I have experienced losing my job of almost 20 years because the company closed its doors.

I have also experienced great joy in this life.  First and foremost, the joy of knowing Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  The joy of being used of God to positively influence someone else’s life.  The joy of seeing God use someone else to positively influence my life.  The joy of attending the births of my four children.  The joy of a loving wife.  The joy of Christian fellowship.  Both the joy and the trials of parenting.  The joy of grandparenting.  And…well…sometimes just the joy of being alive!

I hope you will enjoy my blog, and that you will post comments to share with others.


Joe Pote