Joe’s Bookshelf

I read a lot, on a wide variety of topics.  Everything from light fiction to in-depth Bible studies plus a lot more.  So, don’t expect my bookshelf to reflect the theme of this website.  Think of it more like a glimpse into my personal life, rather like glancing over the bookshelves in my home, or scanning the home screen on my Kindle.

Also, not every book I read gets posted here.  Not every book I read is worth mentioning, and even those that are may not get posted, simply because I forgot to post it, or didn’t make time.  Maintenance of this bookshelf is not my highest priority.

Of the books I do post, many include a link to a brief review, letting you know what I thought of the book.  Most books I bother to review are books I liked, but not all.  So, read the review before you assume I liked the book.  I’ve also noticed that I tend to be more likely to write a review for a book that has fewer reviews.  Even if I really enjoyed a book, I’m not likely to write a review if several dozen people already have.

I hope you enjoy browsing my bookshelf!

Author Interviews:

Documenting America Front Cover

Author Interview – Documenting America: Lessons from The United States’ Historical Documents by David Todd

Some books for which I have written reviews:

spiritual misfit by michelle derusha