Waste of Divorce

I frequently hear people express the post-divorce regret of waste. Wasted years, wasted love, wasted effort, wasted prayers, wasted emotional investment…seemingly, all for naught.

Most of us invest several years in our marriage relationship prior to reaching the point of divorce. As we encounter issues, we work harder, pray more fervently, and seek counsel, all with the goal of healing and improving our marriage relationship. If all the hard work pays off in a healthy marriage relationship, it’s counted a wise investment. But when it doesn’t work out…when we invest that much of ourselves into a relationship, over several years, and it all ends in divorce…it seems SUCH A WASTE!

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6 thoughts on “Waste of Divorce

  1. I dont regret a single moment I had, Even though my wife walked away in a Prodigal huff, I still look back on those years as blessed. I got to spend time working toward something that honored God — and for most of those years, we did. It was not a waste, and altho it ended poorly, its not THE end,

    • That’s a good way of looking at it, David.

      What is considered waste and what is considered precious is quite different viewed from a perspective of faith and eternity.

      Thank you!

  2. You always have such amazing insight, Joe.
    I finally realized that the pain I went through in my childhood had purpose, too. Similar to what you are saying here. God is an amazing redeemer!

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