God Hates Divorce? NOT!

I had begun planning a post on this topic, when I read Barbara Roberts’ post, this afternoon, at Crying Out for Justice blog.  Barbara pretty much said what I intended, more skillfully than I would have said it.  So…I’ll just point you to her post HERE.

4 thoughts on “God Hates Divorce? NOT!

  1. How often people quote an authority they think they know, to condemn what they don’t understand!
    You would think Christians would know better, when the Gospels show the Pharisees at work.
    My heartfelt prayers go out to anyone who has had to leave a marriage that inflicted suffering upon them and their children.
    The same Jesus who came to deliver us all from bondage and pain surely watches over them.

  2. This was a great post. The Word is indeed infallible…but the problem is that we have mistranslations, in Mal. 2:16 and other places.

    I’ve heard it said that the KJV is inerrant,, because the hands of the scribes were guided by God. That’s kind of a big leap, and we can easily cross a line where we find ourselves ‘speaking for God’.

    That’s a role that, sadly, many clergy and laypeople are only too happy to assume.

    I always found it odd that God would want a woman to stay in an abusive marriage. Good to know that He doesn’t!

    • Yes, I believe that the Bible,as originally written, is inspired by God…it is God-breathed as Paul put it in his letter to Timothy.

      To believe that any English translator is inherently more inspired than another, or that English translators are more inspired than translators of other languages, is just plain silly!

      Thank you, Andrew!

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