Entering Rest

photograph of beach sceneAn afternoon of sun and surf, between business meetings.  A refreshing treat for a married couple from a land-locked state.

Smelling the fragrance of lilacs and chrysanthemums. 

Feeling damp sand between toes. 

Tasting the splash of salt. 

Listening to the rythm of the surf. 

Watching the water progress and recede. photograph of palm blossoms

Water rushing in, assaulting the beach, then fleeing back to the ocean, washing sand from beneath bare feet in its retreat.

Laughing at the birds soaring and diving, to retrieve a fresh sushi snack. 

Discussing the unimportant, yet fascinating correlation between lunar phases and tidal changes…and wondering how that somehow relates to human natural physical cycles…maybe even emotional and spiritual cycles… 

photograph of ancient oak treeTalking.






Sometimes the in-betweens are both more memorable and more important than the busy-ness of life.

Where have you found rest, recently?

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