Seeing Woman

pencil sketch of woman looking in mirrorSeeing Woman

(A poem by Joseph J Pote)

Little boy cuddled in Mom’s lap,
Both sitting on the floor
Learning about batteries
As I walk through the door.

Chores aren’t quite finished.
TV is being ignored.
Lesser things will have to wait,
While his interests are explored.

Does she know how beautiful she is?
How exceptional her loving attention?
For this purpose God created Woman,
To nurture little children.

Simple tasks can be a chore;
Some things are left undone.
Work takes longer than it should;
First priority is Mom’s sons.

Sometimes she gets frustrated.
Sometimes I grow impatient.
But children are more important,
And God provides the patience.

How fortunate these two young men,
To be so wonderfully blessed
With such tender, patient love
As flows from this woman’s breast!

Oh, to share such simple love!
To be the object of such devotion!
To know my lover’s commitment
Runs deeper than today’s emotion!

Does she know how beautiful she is?
How she reflects the Father’s love?
Such tender, attentive devotion
Can come only from above!

She’s had a rough day at work.
Everything is going wrong.
House construction’s moving slow.
She feels a headache coming on.

I pull her gently to my chest,
Feel her yield to my embrace,
Hear her muffled sobbing,
Taste tears flowing down her face.

How wonderfully precious she is!
How vulnerable her heart!
Pulling her closer in my embrace,
I pray nothing will keep us apart.

Does she know how beautiful she is,
Holding tightly to my hand?
For this purpose God created Woman,
To reveal her heart to Man.

She worries about her figure,
Feels self-conscious about her weight,
Avoids wearing a swimming suit,
And always primps before a date.

Can’t she see how beautiful she is?
What a gloriously wonderful human?
For this purpose God created Man,
To be a mirror for Woman.

I wrote this poem in the summer of 2004, when Sherri and I were dating.  At the time, Sherri was a single mother to two boys, one 3 years old, and the other 12.  She truly is a beautiful lady, and I’m proud to be her husband.

What recent moment with your spouse, child, or other loved one, has captured your attention as portraying an aspect of their character that you love?

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19 thoughts on “Seeing Woman

    • Thank you, Brandee! I agree. God has blessed us both with the gift of each other…and used our relationship to work His will and purpose in our lives.

      Our Redeemer is so very gracious!

  1. What a gift of love and affection this is for Sherri. You honor her well with your words. I’m sure you made her a very happy woman when you read her these words back in 2004 … and again today.

    Thank you for linking up with The High Calling’s “I Do ” project!

    • Thank you, Beth!

      As noted in the last two lines of the poem, I do think this is part of God’s calling for me…to minister to Sherri, by letting her know how beautiful she is, especially in the eyes of those who know and love her most.

      It seems an awfully small thing to do…but seems to be part of God’s design for our lives.

    • I should add that being able to see Sherri reflect God’s glory in our family is no small thing, but a tremendous blessing in my life.

      The small part is my attempt to let her know I see and appreciate how beautifully she reflects The Father’s glory. Not to say the communication is easy…sometimes it is incredibly difficult…but it still seems a small thing.

  2. Absolutely powerful, and yet tender poem. Struck me straight in the heart-strings.

    My son is a Joseph, as he approached the begginings of teenage years he said he was going to go by Joe. I can’t get my tongue to say Joe, but I do sometimes because I know that he likes the nick-name and I am so happy when it does come out. Joseph is my favorite ‘guy’ name, I love the whole sound of the word.
    He is 17 now.

    I had him when I was 16. To much to say about, but I was not going to let my little babe go through this world with out the love and embrace and nuturing from his mother. I worked hard at these things, and quite honestly it wasn’t hard (and still isn’t) because I love him. I have praised God all the time, still do, for placing an innate mothering inside of me at the age of 16. I am amazed, I look around today and see all kinds of things, and even when looking at my own children -I am amazed, humbled, and so THANKFUL that the LORD gave to me like this, because I loved (and love) my son.

    My husband married me when he was just barely 3. We had another gift, a gift of life blessed to us -a beautiful, adoring, lovely, sweet daughter. She’s growing up too. I love her so very much. My husband adopted our son, Joe, when he was 4.

    What a beautiful poem your wife was given, and written by her beloved husband. I rejoice for her to have a man come into her life to love, care, and protect her … and to love her children. I don’t think words can describe the wonderous emotion a lady who walked, walks in the shoes of this sort completely feels.

    Thanks for sharing. I was blessed.

    • Thank you, Deanna! What a beautiful story God has given you of love and grace!

      Though I may be a bit biased, I agree with you on the name Joseph. I always felt a special connection to Joseph, son of Jacob, in Genesis. I also have both a grandson and a nephew who bear the name Joseph, with honor.

      I pray God will continue to bless your family!

  3. Joe, what a gift your words are. I think many women worry about these very things. When the men we leave affirm our value then THEY reflect the Father’s love. Thank you for this. Makes me smile.

    • Thank you, Laura!

      I love seeing God’s glory reflected in others…and I love reflecting His glory!

      Thank you for the encouragement, Image Bearer!

    • “Does she know how beautiful she is?
      How exceptional her loving attention?
      For this purpose God created Woman,
      To nurture little children.”

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