Why I Like “Jamie the Very Worst Missionary”

I stumbled across “The Very Worst Missionary” on Twitter and the name caught my eye.  Curious, I checked out a few tweats, and wasn’t sure what to make of her.  I went to her website, and was hooked.

I’ve now subscribed to Jamie’s web blog http://www.theveryworstmissionary.com/ and started following her in Twitter.  I’ve even added a link to her blog from my website.

Jamie Wright is a Missionary in Costa Rica.  Her online identity is “The Very Worst Missionary.”

Jamie’s Twitter tag-line reads, “I’m the Very Worst Missionary.  That’s really all there is to it.”  Her website banner reads, “Inappropriate remarks, embarassing antics, and generally lame observations from a Christian Missionary in Costa Rica.”

She does not disappoint.  Jamie is fully of inappropriate remarks and generally lame observations, just as she promises.  While her title caught my eye and piqued my curiousity, I was a little turned off when I first started reading her tweats.  It looked like just a bunch of silly nonsense, and came across to me as…well…a little inappropriate and…maybe a little sacreligious, even.

When I visited her website, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Jamie has some very good posts with some scriptural depth, presented in her own light-hearted style, with more than a touch of humor.

The more I read the better I liked her site.  Though I’ve never met Jamie, I suspect that if I did, I would enjoy the visit.

I love Jamie’s unpretentious style!  Most of us, myself included, are so concerned about what impression we make on people that we’re always working hard to present ourselves well.  Reading Jamie’s posts, one gets the impression she’s not concerned at all what anyone thinks of her; that she’s just enjoying life, chatting with friends, and sharing Christ!

Jamie uses words like “crap” that I’m a little embarassed to say in public, much less to print on the internet for all the world to see. Notice that even here, I put the little quote marks around the word, just to make sure nobody thinks I was actually using it, myself. See I’m very concerned about giving the wrong impression or causing someone to think less of me.  I’m really not at all sure I could get away with being as free-spirited as Jamie seems to be…but I sort of wish I could…

What really cracks me up is the realization of how hard it is to fault someone who tells us right up front, “I’m the Very Worst Missionary.  That’s really all there is to it.”  After that, what is left to argue?  If someone happens to think one of her jokes is a bit silly for posting on the internet, so what?  We have absolutely no basis for criticizing someone who has already told us that they’re the worst!

What an awesome approach!  She’s my new hero!

What I really like about Jamie’s unpretentious style, though, is that it reminds me a lot of Jesus.  One of the reasons the Pharisees stayed so upset with Jesus is because He was so candid, and really didn’t care what they thought of him.  Furthermore, the only people that Jesus was unable to minister to and help were the self-righteous religious leaders…those that were so hung up on making good impressions that they couldn’t remember how to be real with God.

So, I like the unpretentious, real, humorous, and yes a bit silly style of Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary.  I hope to become a little more like her…a little less concerned about what impression I’m making on other people…a little more joyful and humorous in my approach to life…a little less self-righteous…and a bit more trusting of God’s grace.

I hope Jamie keeps it up…and that some of it rubs off on me…

Go visit Jamie’s website.  You’ll enjoy a good laugh along with a solid Bible lesson!

What about you?  Ever wish you knew how to stop being so concerned with what impression you’re making on people?